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ValleyCon strives to bring the best and most relevant guests featured in sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics, gaming and film & TV! These guests include Media Icons, Artists, Authors, Psychics and many more. Autographs are available at one of the industry's LOWEST price point ever. The guest will do panels, readings and demonstrations for your education and entertainment.

Claudia Christian

Media Guest

Best known for her four year stint as Commander Susan Ivanov on the syndicated sci-fi series, "Babylon 5", raven-haired beauty Claudia Christian got her start with a 1984 guest-spot on "Dallas".

Claudia Christian does it all, she's an actor, a writer, a musician, a singer, a director and she continues to expand her horizons. Christian made one of her most memorable performances in her feature film debut in the cult classic "The Hidden" opposite Kyle MacLachlan. She went on from there to star in over 40 features including "Clean and Sober" starring Michael Keaton and Morgan Freeman, the leading role of Hexina in Columbia's comedy "Hexed", opposite Charlie Sheen in 20th Century Fox's "The Chase" and as a photographer in Adam Rifkin's quirky feature "Never On Tuesday". Fans saw Claudia at the box office recently starring opposite Steven Segal in the action thriller, "Half Past Dead". Currently, Christian completed the new British Sci Fi series "Star Hyke" in which she played the lead role and also directed several episodes. Her latest series, "Broken News" just finished airing on BBC2 this past Oct. Claudia portrayed Julia Regan the American correspondent for the British news service.

Claudia also starred in the HBO movies "Running Home" and "Substitute 3", co-starring Treat Williams. Making her mark in independent films, Claudia donned a fat suit and stepped into the rude and crude role of "Elaine Kilgore" from her hit indie film "True Rights". The film and won numerous awards on the indie circuit. Additionally, Claudia recently finished "The Failures", working again with acclaimed director Tim Hunter (The River's Edge).

In addition to her film credits, Christian's work in television is also extensive and includes the lead role as Commander Susan Ivanova in the Warner Bros. syndicated internationally recognized top cult television series "Babylon 5" . She has also starred in two TNT produced tele-films based upon the series. "Babylon 5" has developed an enormous European following and twice won the Hugo award for best science fiction television series. Christian received Sci-Fi Awards and Universe Awards best actress nominations for her role in the series.

Other television credits include numerous movies of the week starring with such greats as Faye Dunaway, Peter Falk, Bob Hope, Don Ameche, Sharon Stone and Jaclyn Smith among many others. She's also been seen frequently on network television in shows such as, "Everwood", "Freaks and Geeks", "Highlander", "Family Law", and "NYPD Blue" just to name a few.

One of Claudia's many passions is music and writing. She wrote both lyrics and music for her first CD "Taboo" which she co-produced with Michael Jay (Celine Dion). She also has produced and sung on two additional albums, "Claudia Squared" and the jazz & blues album, "Trying to Forget". Her long awaited fourth CD "Once Upon a Time" has her working again with the extremely talented musician and her Babylon 5 co-star Bill Mumy and recent winners of the John Lennon Song writing award, Share and Bam Ross. Always expanding her musical horizons, she also went to Scotland to record an album for the first ever Sci-Fi Musical "Area 51".

Claudia also lends her voice to many different venues including live-action internet on line games such as "Earth and Beyond", Playstation games such as "Shrek 2", commercials, such as Jaguar Automobiles and her highly successful series of audio books from the Radio Repertory Company of America, Anne Manx. The last installment of Anne Manx entitled Trouble On Chromius, won the Golden Headset award for Best Ensemble Cast in 2003. The latest installment, Anne Manx On Amazonia, also features Patricia Tallman and Barbara Harris has just been released this past month. On the horizon is the highly anticipated animated feature, "Geppetto's Secret", coming soon from DVX Entertainment.

Claudia permanently resides in London.

Dean Haglund

Media Guest

Dean is best known for his nine seasons playing Langly, one of the computer geeks known a "The Lone Gunmen" from the FOX TV series The X-Files, as well as from the spin-off series The Lone Gunmen.

Birthday: July 29, 1965
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba

His parents, he jokes, always wondered why he went into acting, "...when I had such a burgeoning animation career." Though he has done cartooning and even played in a rock band ("We were terrible!" he admits), he always returned to his first love – the stage.

His acting career began early, with roles in school plays and community theater at the Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg. When he was old enough to get into bars, he started doing stand-up comedy acts to help pay for acting classes. He eventually moved to Vancouver and began attending Simon Fraser University, getting a Bachelor of Arts in multidisciplinary studies (theatre, dance, and video production). He also joined the Vancouver TheatreSports League; an improv group that was to be his "day job" for many years. While at the Vancouver TheatreSports League, he started scripting some of the group’s routines, including several festivals and corporate stage shows for them. This eventually led to his co-writing the pilot for a situation comedy called "Channel 92," which aired on UTV. About the same time, he began to get bit parts in television shows such as "Sliders," "Lonesome Dove: The Return," and "Street Justice". "I sold drugs to Lorenzo Lamas in [HBO's upcoming] Mask of Death." In an episode of Lonesome Dove: The Series, "I was beaten and hanged before the first commercial." This led to his being hired on for a one-time bit part on a show called "The X-Files."

And the rest, as they say, is history – the history of a hacker-dude named Ringo Langly. Dean, who in real life is the most tech savvy of the Lone Gunmen actors, says that while he can't hack his way into top-level security systems, he does have a good basic knowledge of computers and often has friends call him to help fix their systems. The difference between him and Langly, he says, is that Langly, "... has that really cool software where he can just sit around reading books and drinking Tab while it works!" When he has the time (and he hasn’t had much time lately), Dean enjoys working on his computer.

And yes, he says he IS a Ramones fan.

Dean's real roots lie in stand-up, however, and he still performs regularly in select clubs across North America. He's a member of Vancouver TheatreSports, an improv group that performs on Granville Island (very funny show, by the way).

Inspiration for Langly: Computer-nerd friends and grunge-rocker types.
How he's like Langly: "I own a computer, I listen to the Ramones, the long blond hair is for real."
How he's not: "I'm not as paranoid and I don't wear glasses."
Startling revelation: "I'm Canadian and I can't skate."
Favorite episodes: "War of the Coprophages" (killer cockroaches) and "E.B.E." (introduced the Lone Gunmen).
Off duty: Married, practices yoga, can do splits.
Is the truth out there? Regarding conspiracy theories he says, "They're all true--but only to certain people."
What he'd like for Langly: "A job at the Pentagon."

Actor filmography
1.X-Files: The Movie (1998) .... Ringo Langly
2.Mask of Death (1996) .... Dealer
3.Dangerous Indiscretion (1994) .... Crack head
4."X-Files, The" (1993) TV Series .... Langly (1994-)

Notable TV guest appearances
1."Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" (1998) playing "MIB (Mr. Lincoln) " in episode: "Honey, I Shrunk an Illegal Alien"
2. Sliders (1995) playing "Stockboy" in episode: "Fever"
3. Street Justice - Appeared in one episode. No information is available.
4. Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years (1995) playing Nathan Silas in episode: "The Return".
5. The Commish (1994) playing "Zack" in episode: "Working Girls".
6. The Commish (1992) playing "Drug Dealer" in episode: "V.V."

Miscellaneous crew filmography
Channel 92 (1996). "Pilot". Haglund was the cowriter. "I own a computer, I listen to the Ramones, the long blond hair is for real. I'm not as paranoid and I don't wear glasses."-- Dean Haglund, "Langly" on The X-Files, regarding any similarities between him and Langly.

The following is an interview conducted shortly before the final “X-Files” episode was aired.

As The X-Files was winding down it's nine year run on FOX with a two hour series finale, Dean Haglund laments on his time as one of the beloved Lone Gunmen, "Langly," and what the series had meant for him personally. And what the future holds for him.

"To be nine years with something and yet not be with it everyday was amazing. I did some of it so I could see the forest grow but not be a tree in it so to speak. And yet at the same time to be included in it. I had tons of free time to develop other things yet it was regular employment." Sort of like having your cake and eating it to? "It's exactly like that. I believe I'm the luckiest person. Sure I would have wanted more money, but I'll get that on my own. I've had the opportunity to do stand-up, all the conventions, and you know, be in the show once and a while. I don't think if I was in it full time, it'd have offered me that opportunity."

The opportunity to play one of the Gunmen was supposed to be a one time appearance. The Lone Gunmen were created by former "X-Files" producers Glenn Morgan and James Wong as sort of an homage to Sci-Fi convention goers, but the fans immediately connected with the unlikely heroes played by Haglund (Langly), Tom Braidwood (Frohike) and Bruce Harwood (Byers), and what started as a one shot appearance, grew into a nine year run that eventually lead to a spin-off series.

The Gunmen are such a part of The X-Files universe, that when this seasons episode "Jumping the Shark" killed the beloved trio off, fans were calling for Chris Carter's head on a platter. Fans needn't worry though, the Gunmen are back and very much alive (There is a sequence where Mulder has a vision of people that he's dealt with through the years who are now dead), and working to help Mulder. While Haglund won't divulge just how the Gunmen are "brought back to life" he does allude to the fact that it might have something to do with the character Morris Fletcher (Played by Michael McKean).

As for the demise, albeit temporary demise, of the Gunmen, Haglund has a theory to Chris Carter's madness. "Ya know, ever since the first season he's said no one was safe. I think he's got that Stephen King thing where he's really angry at the fans." Really? "It seems that way doesn't it? Seems like he's killing off now, after nine seasons of fighting with network executives, he's taking it out on the show. He's laying siege to any and all!"

Conspiracy theories involving Stephen King aside, Haglund recounts when he realized the Gunmen were something special. "We had come back for our second episode, still feeling like extras, and producer David Nutter, whom we'd never met before, came up and said 'Hey guys, have you seen Cinefantastique?' He showed us the article that had a first season review and we were called out. We went 'Hey! Somebody's watching us!' That was our first indication that the Gunmen were a part of The X-Files genre. I'll never forget it. We were outside on a picnic table, and it was a sunny day." The popularity of the Gunmen grew to the point where FOX eventually gave them their own series, aptly titled "The Lone Gunmen" that debuted in March 2001. The series, while loved by many, never could find it's feet and was not renewed for another season.

Haglund believes there was no one reason as to why the show didn't work, and that in itself doomed the series. "If there is one thing that doesn't work, you can fix it. Everybody had something different about the series that they didn't like, so there was no way to say 'Ok, this is what's broke, fix it.'" Haglund was characteristically philosophical about the series from the beginning. "It was a mixed blessing really, because it took me back to Vancouver, which is where I'm from, but it also took me away from L.A., where I had some stuff going." Haglund is quick to point out that he's not ungrateful for the series. "It was the opportunity to do your own series. I guess it's sort of like anything else. You're happy if it did go and happy if it didn't. You can't really attach yourself to a show. If you're clinging your whole life to it and it goes away, then your whole life falls apart. " One thing Haglund has not done is hang his hopes on a single endeavor. He has a slew of projects in the works, including working with a production company to put together a show for the Sci-Fi Channel. "I don't want to say what it is just yet because the idea is so awesome! I'm also working on a half hour sitcom for American TV."

In between show developments, he 's still doing stand-up comedy. And as if that wasn't enough, he's teaming up with Peter Murietta to write a Bizarro issue for D.C. Comics. He's quick to clarify that it's "going to be a stand alone like the Superman Bizarro. That Bizarro, not the character "Bizarro." It's part of the series of Alternative Artists doing Superman comics. We're (Dean and Murietta) doing Batman. I think it's coming out in the Fall."

I asked Haglund what his feelings were as he left the FOX lot for the last time, and closed this chapter of his life. He described feeling a bit shocked by his reaction to leaving for the last time. "I knew it was ending for 3-4 months. It was like, 'I'm already over it.' At the same time there was kind of a pang. I was shocked as I was driving away. I got the pang, and that made me smile, and that was it. The smile was a job well done. Wasn't that fun?" "I was just so excited to be a part of something my kids thought was cool. They're big fans of the show and so it was great to be cool in their eyes."—Blythe Danner on her role as A.D. Cassidy in The X-Files movie, Fight the Future. And in case you forgot, one of her children is an actress named Gwyneth Paltrow.

Taki Soma

Artist Guest

Taki Soma is an artist with heavy comic book influence but has a wide range of artistry.

This is me, I was born into this world to do one thing... create art. And my dream is becoming a reality more and more everyday. Please excuse my site, it's still finding it's form. It will be updated often, so check back.

And I was interviewed by The Comic Fanatic website, here is the link, please read -----> THE INTERVIEW

is there anything more narcissistic than to compile information about oneself as I am about to do? maybe maybe not, there are no answers here, just facts about me, let's see... should I start a list of questions I get asked a lot? sure, let's start off this way to get to know the artist within

when is your birthdate? - April twenty ninth, ninteeen seventy six.
what's your height, and weight? - I'm 5' 2 and a half" and my weight is none of your business.
coke or pepsi? - vanilla pepsi
do you like being a girl in a male dominated industry? - no. and yes. mostly no. there are always advantages and disadvantages in this situation. I believe that although it might be nice to be noticed a little more than boys, this alone really doesn't get you anywhere unless you're good... but then again, I second guess myself all the time, wondering if they really like my art, or just me. I sound arrogant here, I know, but I'm saying sticky situations have happened quite frequently and quite frankly, most men I know don't have to deal with that, is all.
meat or no meat? - I was a vegetarian for over a decade and decided to go back to eating meat again a few years a go. I think it's healthier to eat meat, in small portions. I still very much enjoy imitation meat, and will always hate bacon. Bacon is simply gross.
do you like comic books? - um... yes. a lot.
yea, but do you like superhero comics? - um... yes. a lot.
who is your favorite comic book character? - I can't honestly answer this and feel any satisfaction because there really isn't a favorite. I like so many characters in so many different ways, but I'm just going to say Daredevil, because that's what I always say. I love DD, because his psychology makes sense to me. He has moments of insanity consume him and he will react quite humanly. I can relate to a lot of the decisions he's made over the years. I feel kinship with Matt Murdock/Daredevil.
does your familiy support your weird obsession and careeer choice? - absolutely. they are awesome. when I was attending school to become an art director in advertising and actually working for an ad agency, it didn't phase any family member at all for some reason. But as soon as I dropped out of school, and started pursuing a career in comic books, the entire family during Christmas and weddings or whatever events people get together for would encourage and cheer for me. It feels so wonderful knowing that everyone clearly sees that this is my life mission. And I believe it is, they can see that a mile away... this is why they are so openly enthusiastic. THANKS.
what do you like to eat? - I'm not a picky eater. I like pizza, I like veggies, I like Chinese, Italian, Japanese, American, Greek, whatever. I try and eat healthy. Health is something you want to keep for a long time. Take care of your body and it will take care of you. It is the only thing you truly own, and I think you should treat it well.
what is your religion? - I didn't grow up with a religion. I grew up surrounded by shinto, buddhism and christianity. I combined all of them together and I think I have a certain understanding and belief of my own from my conclusion. I know there is a higher power up there somewhere. I believe there is something beyond our plane. I believe spirits roam. I believe there is eternal life, somewhere. oh yea, and I believe in aliens too.
are you an alcoholic? - no. I believe I have control over my life and my drinking. so... no.
are you really Japanese? - yes. born, bred and lived there until the age of 10. Unless my mom lied to me, I am and should be 100% pure bred.
do you speak Japanese? - yes, fluently. but I can't write/read very well. Only to about 3rd grade level.
do you speak English? - are you serious?
How long have you been drawing? - since I could hold a pencil, before I could retain memory. My first memory of consciously drawing something was E.T. I drew him from all angles right after seeing the movie. (my first movie I saw in a theater, it was in English with subtitles and my dad had to read the subtitles for me because I couldn't yet read.) my mom threw it away.
marital status? - single.
how often do you shop for comics? and how much? - every wednesday. I spend between $10 - $30 on average every week. It's a bad habit. but not really. I love comics. I don't spend too much money on anything else except for booze.
why are you so sarcastic? can you not be serious? - being funny is a way of life for me. I deal with many many situations, good / bad / sad / confused / love / hate / whatever emotion with humor and sarcasm, when you can joke about it, life is still good. I enjoy life and you should spend your days laughing. and of course, i can be serious, I am a human afterall. that's when tears are involved, like when I read a good comic book, I cry.
pets? - A wonderful domestic shorthair boy cat named Xander, after Xander Harris of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He's black and white with green eyes and way too much energy.


Gary Jones

Media Guest

Gary is an award-winning playwright and is a Leo-nominated comedy writer, but is best known as Chief Master Sergeant Walter on Stargate SG-1.

Gary Jones was born on January 4th 1958 in Swansea, Wales. Gary moved to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada in 1986. Before Gary delved in to a career in acting he used to work as an Art Director for a Gazette Newspaper in Burlington.

Gary is an award-winning playwright and is a Leo-nominated comedy writer. Now he is known by the Stargate fans as Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman in Stargate SG-1.

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