ValleyCon 46 - Oct. 15-18 2020 | Ramada Fargo - Fargo, ND -- COVID-19 Updates Here!
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Welcome to our programming section. We have a great selection of panels, gaming, and party rooms. ValleyCon also hosts an art show, costume contest, and auction. Every year is different because it is the volunteers who truly make this event what it is.

If you are interested in running a panel, hosting a game, party room or volunteering, please don't hesitate to apply. Participating in ValleyCon is a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet new people.

Program Guide Released!

Program Guide (pdf)

Program Guide (pdf)

Programming Guide Released!

Programming (pdf)

Programming (pdf)

Currently Running Events or Panels

No Currently Running Events to show!

Upcoming Events or Panels

No Upcoming Events to show!

Anime Manga

ValleyCon has panels on ANIME and MANGA! Come meet fellow fans and check out the selection of anime and manga from our vendors.

Art Show & Andrew Held Memorial Charity Auction

ValleyCon has showcased art of the fantastic for over 36 years and we continue this tradition with the return of our art show and auction! View the works of artists from all over the U.S. and then bid to win at the auction! The valleycon charity auction follows the art auction on Sunday and benefits local and regional charities including the literacy coalition, breast cancer and prostate cancer awareness and many more!

For more information and bid sheets, please go to our Art Show section.

Books, Novels, Stories & Authors

Panels on the authors works past and present as well as valuable information on the industry and writing in general are just some of the programming featured at ValleyCon. Learn from best-selling authors about the craft of writing or just chat about books! Look for the schedule of various panels and programming on the website a few weeks before con!

Comics & Graphic Novels

ValleyCon continues the best comics programming in the region.

Consuites, Hospitality Rooms & Parties

ValleyCon has featured themed party rooms as far back as ValleyCon 7 and continues to welcome groups to host a party and promote themselves while giving ValleyCon attendees a fun-filled party! Our list of suites includes many favorites from past con years plus new suites added each year! Check the program guide for the complete list of suites and a description of each!

Interested in running a suite? You are in luck with a special deal of UP TO 50% off for signing up early. Please see the supporting documents linked below for more information about the deal and the suite rules and regulations.

Due to COVID-19 Protocols, Consuites will not be a part of ValleyCon 46.

Costume/Cosplay Contests

Two seperate costume contest. One for children and one for adults. Details for this event will be posted a few weeks before con.

Weapons Policy:

  • Antique Firearms (real guns) – Are not allowed.
  • Firearm replicas (toy guns) – Are not allowed (except completely peace-bonded and approved per person)
  • Pikes and Halberds- Are not allowed
  • Swords, Knives, Dirks & Daggers – Must be completely sheathed and peace-tied.
  • Axes, Claymores & Maces – Are strongly discouraged but if you insist Axes must be sheathed and peace-tied. Claymores and Maces must be peace-tied to your person (strapped to your back, tied to your belt, etc.)
  • Bow & Arrows – Arrows are not to be drawn at any time. Bows must be un-strung and arrows tied in to the quiver.
  • Walking sticks/Quarterstaffs – Are allowed

Any other variation of weapons with distinction to be made by ValleyCon ONLY!


Sheath: a protective covering, usually of thick leather that protects the edge of the blade, the wearer and anyone near them from damage. The sheath must cover the entire blade, not just the tip.

Peace-tied: the method of securing a weapon to the sheath, belt or body of the wearer. If the weapon is not peace-tied upon arrival at the festival front gate aworker must peace tie it for you.

No drawing of any weapon at any time (only exception-prior permission during Masquerade presentation).

If a weapon is drawn, the patron is subject to loss of weapon, removal from ValleyCon and/or prosecution by authorities.

All patrons must be at least 18 years old to carry a weapon on site.

This policy applies to anyone carrying a weapon in with him or her or purchasing a weapon while at ValleyCon.

To enter, fill out the costume contest entry form located at the registration table during ValleyCon weekend. Please be sure to write legibly and fill out the whole form.

Gaming - Card, Board, Role Play & Electronic!

ValleyCon has always featured a wide variety of gaming of every kind and this year we have gaming for round the clock gaming fun! Role-Playing games, tabletop, card games and especially video and computer games will be featured at ValleyCon and if you have a request, let us know! We will have open gaming areas for spontaneous gaming as it erupts and we have a special rewards program for game masters who runs games-contact us! Look for our schedule to be posted online shortly before ValleyCon.

Panels - A Genre-Based Educational Experience

Do you have a favorite show, movie, book, hobby that you would love to share with others? Or maybe you're an expert model builder and would like to teach others how to get started. Well here's your opportunity to shine! Sign up to run a panel about anything and everything sci-fi, fantasy, horror, anime, etc.

Volunteering - Be a Part of Our Crew!

It is our volunteers that make the convention possible. By donating your time, talent and expertise, you will discover a new sense of appreciation for what goes into the event as well as an opportunity to meet people with similar interest. We are always looking for those people with special talents for organization, design and construction of set pieces as well as those who are great at picking things up and putting them down as there is a TON of that for setup and teardown at the convention.

We have plenty of opportunities for volunteering. Please fill out the Volunteering form if you are interested.

Volunteer Form