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Oct 18th - Oct 20th 2024

Ramada Fargo

3333 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND

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ValleyCon-the Celebration of Popular Culture has been around since 1976 and brings the best of pop culture to young and old (and young at heart!).

ValleyCon has worked hard to become THE “fun” event in the fall with something for everyone but it’s also one of the most family-friendly, highly educational (in the best way-you don’t realize it!) and charitable fun events in the region! ValleyCon is a non-profit event sponsored by several other non-profits with proceeds benefitting local charities-chiefly among these is Sanford Children’s Hospital. ValleyCon also needs sponsors to succeed so we hope you will consider joining in the fun!

ValleyCon Sponsorship!

Sponsorship of ValleyCon does bring benefits to both local charities and the sponsor as ValleyCon attendees do seek out and utilize those sponsors. ValleyCon is a very family-friendly event with low costs of attending, making it a perfect family outing during the day and fun event for older fans at night.

ValleyCon is a non-profit organization of Minnesota and we donate ALL profits back to other area nonprofits! We are also sponsored by a 501(c)3 non-profit (Moorhead Community Access TV & Media). Our main charity is for Extralife, benefitting SANFORD CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL but our list has included the Children’s library, Humane Society, Literacy Coalition, Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic, Breast Cancer Awareness, Prairie Public and many more.

So please consider working with us to bring some fun to the area and celebrate the popular arts this fall at ValleyCon! Please call or email us at any time if there are questions.

ValleyCon Sponsorship Package (PDF)
ValleyCon Sponsorship Package (PDF)

Multiple-Event Sponsorship!

ValleyCon has expanded into multiple events at different times of the year. These events cover everything ValleyCon holds as its root focus, but dives deeper into additional areas as well. This provides a great focused opportunity to be involved in the whole catalog of ValleyCon ran events including:

  • ValleyCon
  • Fargo PopExpo featuring FM Comic-Con
  • Fargo Fantastic Film Festival
  • Kid's Fantastic Film Festival
  • Toys, Collectibles, Crafts & Curiosities Exposition

Sponsor individual or any combination of events! We will tailor each sponsorship to fit your goals. Please contact us for details on each event and we can create something to fit your needs! Contact us at: [email protected] . For all the details, please check out the document below:

Sponsor ValleyCon Events Package (PDF)
ValleyCon Events Sponsor Package (PDF)

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