Madd Frank

"Good evening. Welcome to Madd Frank Presents. Let me hang up my cape and we'll talk about tonight's spooky movie." That's the way the episodes used to begin.

Madd Frank Presents ran Friday nights around 10pm, then 11 pm, then Saturday night, and then various times along the way on KVRR-TV, Channel 15 (Fargo, North Dakota) fromMay 1985 til 1995. It was syndicated on American Independent Network (AIN) with a package of about 18 shows aired to millions of viewers on many stations in about 40 states.

Madd Frank was surrounded with his on and off-screen cohorts including: Ichy Bodd, Vanilla White, Billy Jabber, the Madd Programmer and Dr. Phil O'dendron. The show, produced on a budget of dollars in the then-basement of KVRR, gained a cult following with viewers of all ages.

Madd Frank is in reality Fargo advertising legend Del Dvorachek and the rest of the cast include Vanilla White (counter part to Vanna White) who wrote many of the episodes. Vanilla (Judy Rae in real person) lives here in Fargo, plays piano evenings around town. Of the regular characters, Ichy Bodd, Marty Jonason, does photography and teaches acting and voice. Billy Jabber, the guy with the l940's football helmet does karaoke around Fargo. The Madd Programmer works for Public TV here in town, and Dr. Phil O'dendron, Bill Flint, did a year on the circuit as a stand up comedian.

James L. McIntyre of Grand Rapids, Minnesota contributed some great reminiscences on a website devoted to horror film hosts: "I happen to know a lot about MADD FRANK. That's with two D's! Real name: Kent Kamron. He had two camera's for the show. The third was broken, or being repaired, or was on location, or was stolen, or was leased to another station, etc. There were only two cameras, but I loved the reasons why the third was never there! Miss Frizzy was the doll. George was the skull/candle he would light up at the beginning of every show! Harvey was always in his casket. The Madd Programmer was responsible for the movie, always an unknown or a bad movie. Ichy Bodd was from the medieval period. Billy Jabber would Jabber on and he always wore an old tank helmet from World War II. Dr. Phil O'dendron was always examining things like dead house plants, Madd Programmer's teeth, it depended on the movie being shown. Other films shown were Attack of the Giant Leeches, The Terror. Horror Express, etc. Most of the films were usually public domain films, or films he could legally broadcast. They even showed Gremlins at Christmas! The year before it was Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. KVRR is located in Fargo, North Dakota. The basement was the studio's basement/dungeon! Little Shop of Horrors was shown and it even featured a cameo starring Madd Frank! Carrier Chicken delivered the fan mail. My biggest regret was not getting the Madd Frank poster when it was available." The syndication of the show brought out fans from all over the US, not just in the Red River Valley. There are some inaccurate things in the website, so Madd himself wrote in to correct some of the information:

"Hi, E-gor, Madd Frank here. I plugged in my old stage name, and your site, along with a few others came up. Glad to see there is some nostalgia floating around about me. Some of the information I read about is true, some close to accurate. My real name is not Kent Kamron. That was the name I used in the credits for the show, but it is the name of my two boys, and a pseudonym for the western short stories I write. I did have a heart attack, and Ichy Bodd took over for a few weeks while I was recovering, but that was December 6, 1986, a day that will go down in INFAMY! Ichy Bodd and I wrote all of the syndicated shows that the public may have seen on the air. The early shows were written by various other people, several by Vanilla White, who went wild whenever she ever got vowels sent to her. All of us that were on the show are still living here in Fargo: The Madd Programmer (James Erickson), a good friend and a real character in real life, was the supposed culprit who dug up the films. He currently works for a radio company here in Fargo. Ichy Bodd (Martin Jonason) was my main sidekick and critic of the films. I see him weekly. The two of us are collaborating on a variety of projects, mostly two film scripts, which we are diligently trying to produce. Billy Jabber (Dave Prentice) who wore the ancient football helmet was the mechanic, a talker and a talented fellow on the guitar. He played with THE UGLIES, a band group around this area for many years. Dr. Phil O'dendron (Bill Flint), our roving character, works at WalMart. Vanilla White (Judy Rae), our lovely blond, plays piano here in various places.

I was the voice of Harvey. He was in an upright casket where I hung up my cape. I always told him not to view the movie because it was too gory. No one ever saw Harvey. I did the voice of Miss Frizzy (the doll) and George (the skull/candle).

The heyday of the series was from 1985 -1995. I had 18 films out to various AIN independent TV stations, and although the program aired in over 40 states and to millions of viewers, alas, I never made a dime from any of it, Strangely enough, the show was hijacked off of satellite, since I often ran across people who claimed they had seen the show in places where we knew the show had not been syndicated.

I thank all of the fans who still remember the show and all its quirky humor. We all loved producing the show, which usually consisted of about 24 minutes of shtick in between the movie segments. We usually produced the entire show within four hours time, always rushed, but I was blessed with a crowd of guys and gals who had good chemistry. Those were absolutely the most fun days I ever had.

My regards to you all,

VALLEYCON 34 is proud to host a special tribute and reunion of MADD FRANK PRESENTS!

Meet Madd and as many of his cohorts he can dig up and also hear about Del's other endeavors (he's also an author of several books!) Saturday at 2 pm!