ValleyCon 46 - Oct. 15-18 2020 | Ramada Fargo - Fargo, ND -- COVID-19 Updates Here!
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Cosplay at ValleyCon!

Cosplay Contests!

ValleyCon features cosplay costume contests with KIDS and ADULTS categories! Categories for store bought and fan-made are available with special notice for advanced craftsmanship. Points are awarded based on many aspects like design, craftsmanship and on-stage performance. Typically the contests are judged by our featured guests of the year plus a few additional select judges.

Prizes in many forms are are up for grabs for the best costume and runner-ups. In the Kids Cosplay Costume Contest, everyone is a winner with a basic participation prize in the form of gift certificates with larger prizes available for the winners. Legendary Loot is within your grasp at the Adult Cosplay Costume Contest! This loot can even come in the form of CASH from our wonderful contest sponsors and ValleyCon! So get those costumes ready and bring on your best performance to impress the judges!

* Prizes subject to change based upon availability, but they are always AWESOME!!!

Cosplay is Life at Con!

Do you have an awesome costume? Do you love wearing that costume and being in character all day during the con? If this sounds like you at con, you may have a chance at some additional loot throughout the day! The Roving Cosplay Prizes are now also a part of ValleyCon! To qualify for a chance at these prizes, all you need to do is walk around the convention in costume and we will find you. All forms have the same chance so whether you are a storm trooper, assassin, furry or steampunk goddess we want to see you in costume!

* Again, prizes subject to change based upon availability. Schedule for selections and prizes TBD each year at the discretion of ValleyCon staff.

Cosplay Rules (yes we have those things for a reason)!

The Cosplay Costume Contests are for kids and adults. However please note the age restrictions on each of the contests. Only those under 18 can participate in the Kids contest. Ages 16 and up can participate in the Adult contest. There are reasons for this as it allows more freedom on what can be done for the costume selection and performance in the Adult contest. We would like to avoid being the cause of nightmares in our precious little ones.

Costumes can be created, modified or purchased. Extra points for originality, presentation, ingenuity and craftsmanship. Decisions made by the panel of judges are considered final for the presentation of prizes. Different prizes will be given in each area and as stated above are subject to change based on factors listed.

Full Cosplay Contest rules available HERE